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It downloads online videos from most popular sites
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Among the extensive list of online video downloaders available, AVGO Free Video Downloader stands out as one of the easiest to use for all types of users. Its extensive support not only for the most common video sites (such as YouTube, Dailymotion, or Facebook), but also for a long list of less known websites (including a good variety of TV stations) make it a useful tool to grab videos quickly and efficiently.

Though for some reason that escapes me, the program takes longer than other similar tools to analyze the videos selected for download, AVGO Free Video Downloader offers you a straightforward and extremely simple functionality, suitable for all users regardless of their computer skills. I suspect that the delays in checking and downloading the videos are related to the program’s limitations, which allow you to download only three videos at a time and at limited speed, as opposed to the ad-free Speed Unlimited version that is also available for free from the AVGO site provided that you add a link to them in your forum, blog, or social media posts.

Regardless of these limitations, the functionality is the same for both products. All you need to do is copy the URL of the online video you wish to grab, paste it in the box provided and wait for the program to open a dialog where you can select your preferred video resolution and, if so desired, the alternate output format into which you want the program to convert the video on the fly. As simple as that – as soon as the download/conversion process has finished, you will have a copy of your favorite video on the selected drive and folder for you to enjoy offline.

Despite its limitations, AVGO Free Video Downloader is a nice alternative to other similar online video download managers. If you’re not too picky about the number of simultaneous downloads and/or the download speed, this is a tool (at least) worth trying.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Selectable video quality
  • Supports all the major video sites
  • Straightforward functionality
  • One-click download mode


  • Takes a long time to analyze the videos to download
  • Limited to three downloads at a time
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